Who, why and How?

Hello, I am Erik Retallick and this is a page to update you with some of the projects and causes with which I am currently involved.

Here is a list of the organizations with which i play an integral part as at May, 2011. I also indicate my current role or job description within that organization.

1) WorldPrayr Inc. http://www. worldprayr.org 

This is a worldwide outreach involved not involved in Prayer alone but promoting and facilitating other ministries around the world, both humanitarian and spiritual, ranging from Hope for Suffering Humanity (Pakistan NGO), Open Doors and Samaritan's Purse to Bibles for China and Bibles for India. We are a profit making organization,  enabling us to be free from US Government control and restrictions. We are shortly opening an online store with a difference, FaithFactr, to encourage people to sell their own art work, books, music and other items, thus promoting their own work, earning some income and releasing funds for WorldPrayr, which go entirely to the support of other ministries in the US and worldwide.

Our vision is to reach out to a broken world with the Love of Jesus, reconnecting hurting people with churches and fellowships and put them in touch with food banks, refuges, marriage guidance counsels and other organizations where they can receive practical help at their point of need. We reach out through twitter, where we now have over 43,000 followers, Facebook, You Tube, our ezine and daily blog posts from a wide variety of writers. Our aim is to raise $550,000 dollars by the end of 2011, to give away to other Christian ministries. Last year we had an income of $10,000 for the whole year! We see it as a challenge, others see it as unrealistic, but with God in the equation, nothing is impossible! Why not become involved and serve with us? I currently serve here as Vice-President of Ministry and you can contact me personally at erik@worldprayr.org if you have any burning questions.

2) Global Media Outreach.  http://www.globalmediaoutreach.com/online_missionary.html Gone are the romantic days when, in order to be a missionary you had to go out to a far-flung region of the world and stay there with the bonus of a home leave (furlough) for a hard-earned rest and to show colour slides of your work to get extra funding. Many youngsters (and older folk, too) go out on short "hi-'em-and-run campaigns and mission trips, with the advent of cheaper travel to a larger number of destinations which were once more remote. I reach out from my home computer with emails to people who have just become Christians, want to know more and sometimes just want to talk through their problems and grow in their faith. I am part of a Dutch-English team and am just an ordinary servant helping introduce people to a man I know who can help! I receive 3-4 letters a day from all areas of the world and it is very encouraging to see a small part of what God is doing in these days. When I feel down-hearted I go to http://www.greatcommission2020.com/ and am truly amazed and led into praise and worship!

3) Missionary Aviation Fellowship. http://www.maf.org/ This is an international organization which was set up to access remote regions of the world using light aircraft. Some interesting facts: We are an International organization who fly to more destinations than any other airline in the world, we have 140 Area Representatives here in the UK alone, (of which I am one), giving presentations all over the country at churches, women's groups, aviation societies, rotary clubs, Lion clubs and conferences, plus Christian Resource Exhibitions and many other venues. My dear wife Hazel is very much involved in assisting with the practical side of setting up presentations, but, (you might have guessed), I do the talking! 

4) Hope for Suffering Humanity (Pakistan). http://hope-ngo.org This is Christian organization reaching out to the persecuted churches in the Punjab region of Pakistan. I have very recently been privileged, honored (and somewhat daunted)  to be invited to become Director of Fundraising and Development for them, submitting Projects and Proposals and nominating them for prizes and awards. I have already submitted some ideas for projects which may be viable, but am awaiting confirmation from their CEO in Pakistan. I have run several fund-raising campaigns for them earlier this year and now see it as an ongoing work, to the glory and extension of God's Kingdom.

I value your prayers and support in all these projects and know that i can only achieve anything in the Lord's strength. Thankfully He over-rules and grants me strength day by day as I reach out and put my hand in His. Whoever said the Christian life was easy or boring?